Webinar: Succeed with Power Apps 

From thoughts about the platform as a strategic boost to specific customer cases

Experience three examples of how a large Danish utility company, a market-leading test center, and a property administration have optimized their workflows and minimized the risk of costly errors with Microsoft Power Apps.

Power Apps are often referred to as the quick fix to challenging processes. And it’s a single Power App undeniably, as the three stories mentioned above will show you.

But Power Apps are far more.

Power Apps is a platform that can provide a strategic boost with unprecedented flexibility. This is often an overlooked point when talking about Power Apps, and therefore, something we will dive into in the webinar. Our overall goal is to give you an understanding of how Microsoft Power Apps can lift your work and gather together different threads.

  1. Idea generation
  2. Development
  3. Development and demo
  4. Development and demo
  5. Go live
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