We create unique experiences and outstanding solutions
We are Delegate


Whether you are a Delegate customer or employee, you get a unique and personal experience of the highest quality and with attention to detail. At Delegate, we see ourselves as the consultant houses’ equivalent of a boutique hotel.

The world does not stand still, and neither do we at Delegate. We follow the latest technologies closely, and we are experts in understanding your business and tailoring technological solutions that will make a difference and create visible results.

But we do not just deliver what you expect from a good consulting house. In Delegate, you will be met with presence and personality – in addition to the obvious quality at all levels, of course. We are dedicated and committed, and we are uncompromisingly ambitious. But we also have our hearts in the right place, and we are always listening and never condescending. The goal is abundantly clear: to give our customers a unique experience and create the best solutions with a sense of the detail as well as the whole.

At Delegate, we provide bespoke solutions on Microsoft’s platforms in areas such as Big Data, IoT, Machine Learning, Customer Experience Management, CRM, Field Service, Intranet, Digitized Workplaces, and Data Driven Products & Services.

We are strong on our own, but we are also part of Broad Horizon, who have gathered a number of consultancy houses under one umbrella from their base in the Netherlands. This means that when we develop solutions, we can draw on the foremost experts in areas such as security, data management, or cloud, and we can create and implement unified IT solutions which interact seamlessly.

“We have always had an extraordinary focus on the human being in everything we do. We work hard to help our customers grow, while we prioritize having the best workplace, where going to work is a source of energy both physically and mentally. Soaring professionalism, security and well-being provide the best conditions for creating amazing solutions together with our customers.”
– Jakob Schou, CEO at Delegate

Being “a Delegater” is something special

We have a massive focus on attracting the best talents in the industry and ensuring continuous education, personal development and clear career paths for our “Delegaters”.

At Delegate, we have great and mutual expectations of each other, both professionally and personally, and we operate on a foundation of strong values that permeate our entire organization.

Some of our keywords are recognition, helpfulness and decency. We see each other as whole human beings who must be in balance, and the well-being and development of our employees is crucial, if we are to continue to create success for our customers. Perhaps this is why we were recognized as the Best IT Workplace in Denmark in 2022.

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