We invest in talented employees
The basis for our success is employees who are given space and time for personal and professional development.
Why Delegate

Since we ask that you be skilled, we should be, too

What’s important to you in relation to your job? Professionalism and the best colleagues in the industry? Space and time for creativity and personal development? Maybe a focus on health and work-life balance?

Our cultural and organizational roots are no doubt ambitious and Scandinavian but always with a focus on keeping our feet low to the ground and being there for each other. We believe that the best results are achieved in the intersection between the talented, ambitious, and curious individual and the professionally strong and experienced community. And we believe that the best prerequisite for fostering successful meetings and amazing results is closeness, reciprocity, and recognition.

As an employee at Delegate, you are considered a co-owner and therefore take responsibility for both your own and Delegate’s development and success. Delegate is not a factory but an organism. As an organism, the company functions when all parts function by themselves as well as in mutual interaction. This means that we expect growth from each individual employee and encourage that Delegate as a whole is affected and developed in the interaction.

This demands employees and managers with that certain je ne sais quoi. Highly competent people who get even better with a team behind them. Ambitious individuals who never grow arrogant but remain humble and curious. Dedicated and committed people with an eye for both details and the bigger picture. People who think for themselves and think with others. And not least, people with their heart in the right place.

We know it’s ambitious and different. That’s what makes it exciting.

”We spend a great deal of energy on finding the right employees. So, it only makes sense to do everything we possibly can to make sure they are happy at work, so they are able to perform their best.”
– Peter Østergaard, partner at Delegate

Company Fridays, work-life-balance and job satisfaction

At Delegate, we want to be close to our customers, and our solutions aren’t developed in the office but at the company of the individual customer. Therefore, we focus strongly on creating a framework that holds the company together through social and professional events.

This is done, among other things, through our “Company Friday,” which we hold several times a year. Here, all employees meet for a whole day and share knowledge on professional topics and are updated on developments in Delegate.

Although both the professional level and the ambitions are sky-high, we have a strong focus on work-life balance at Delegate.

Many of our employees are of an age where it is natural to start a family—and of course there must be room for this. That is why we have flexible working hours, and children are welcome in the office one days it would otherwise be difficult to set up childcare. Moreover, we plan several annual events for employees and their families.

Because we cherish our employees, it is important for us to take good care of them. But also that they take care of themselves.

That is why we offer healthy activities, so they can take care of their health and well-being. We have, for example, a jogging club, training facilities, and a professional masseur.

Great place to work

We have participated in the Great Place to Work (GPTW) workplace survey since 2013. Between 2013–2016, we were named Denmark’s best IT workplace. In 2017, we placed 2nd but on the other hand, we placed 10th on the list of Europe’s Best Workplaces, and 3rd in 2019. We participate again in 2020.

The survey consists of two parts: a questionnaire for the employees and a cultural profile prepared by our People & Culture. The survey has 5 dimensions:

  • Credibility
  • Respect
  • Justice
  • Pride
  • Community

Every year we have benefited greatly from the feedback from the employees as well as from the work with the cultural profile. It is one of the tools used to achieve our goals: We want to create the conditions for our managers and employees to live and experience our values ​​every day—both internally and externally.

We are very proud and happy that we have placed at the top of the GPTW field every year. Both among the IT workplaces and in the overall field. The companies that participate in GPTW are all companies that have chosen to develop their workplace and who are willing to give their employees a channel to assess the company’s framework, management, and culture. It is therefore a strong field to place ourselves within.