By Peter Østergaard

You can always do better, part 1

2020 November 11th

As we move forwards, I will be writing various blog posts that all deal with how we at Delegate are currently working on making Delegate an even better company and place to work. I will attempt to describe the challenges we are working with and how we are attempting to solve them.
Senior management and the board

Two of the most interesting questions in a company experiencing growth is: How does one ensure the right development and how does one involve people other than the owners in key and vital decisions for the company? At Delegate, we focus on having as much employee involvement as possible, and therefore the five partners in Delegate’s ownership circle decided back in 2015 that we wanted to ensure that we wouldn’t end up in a situation with a so-called “partner syndrome”.

The problem inherent in having a “partnersyndrome” is that just because you own a company does not necessarily mean that you are the most competent individual to make all decisions related to the company. At the sametime, there is a great risk of it becoming hard to see situations and challenges from new angles or to see things from a slightly more holistic view, since you are often yourself deeply involved in the issue.

Therefore, we have changed the composition of the senior management in Delegate so that today it also consists of two employees who are not partners. At the same time, two of the partners have left the senior management group. I am sure that many people will bethinking: “Yeah sure, but then you just have partner meetings and make all the decisions there, even though you also have a senior management group.”

However, the mandate for the senior management group is completely clear: it has decision-making authority. This is a prerequisite for it being possible to take the decisions that need to be taken in order to run a company like ours.

The dynamic between the senior management group and the board is important, and that is why we have decided that one cannot be a member of both at the same time. Therefore, the three partners who are still in the senior management group will eventually resign from the board.

This will happen as soon as the right external replacements are found.Replacements who can, on the board level, help Delegate to fulfil our current vision of being the best Danish provider of business-critical solutions based on Microsoft Cloud technology.

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