Webinar in cooperation with Microsoft: Transforming data to business value (3/3)
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Webinar in cooperation with Microsoft: Azure smart factory

Transforming data to business value (3/3)

June 8th we will held our last webinar under the headline: Smart factory. The webinar was about transforming data to business value.

IoT and Data Platforms are becoming parts of more and more solutions, and, because they are based on powerful cloud platforms like Microsoft Azure, they provide some new opportunities. We have gathered some hands-on learnings from working with IoT over the last many years, and we will give some insights into what has worked and what has not.

The objective of the webinar is to:

  • Provide insights into some of the learnings gained from working with IoT and Data Platforms in the cloud
  • Touch upon elements like data quality, modelling, architecture, and more
  • Learn how to get started through a use case involving IoT

Morten Fritsch, Director
Jørn Floor Andersen, Azure Development Lead

Watch the webinar in full length right here.

If you have any questions regarding Azure or the webinar, please feel free to contact Morten Fritsch at mfr@delegate.dk.

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