Power Hub for CRM

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Greater success in making the right decisions based on historical data.

Power Hub for CRM

Access to and use of historical data provide valuable insights into how and when trends appear within a specific workflow or project. It provides business insights into specific customizable focus areas and highlights topics that might have flown under the radar without historical data. Feelings and emotions become facts, so decisions can be used for making informed decisions. Dynamics 365 does not store historical data, but this gap is bridged by Power Hub for Sales (CRM).

Dynamics 365 Power Hub for CRM helps your business gain better insight into your historical Dynamics 365 data:

  • Improved reporting and comparison basis
  • Historical data help sales see trends and forecasts
  • Historical data can be used to better predict “future” trends/forecasts


Here is how your business can use Power Hub and CRM in everyday life:

  • Snapshots - What does the report from last month say?
    (scheduled or triggered)
  • Baselines - Retain data to create a baseline for comparison
  • Highlight changes - Customize your highlights for specific focus areas
  • Trend analysis – How have the figures evolved over time?
  • Pipeline – Development over time on products, people, segments, etc.

Central to the Power Hub for Customer Relationship Manager is that it uses the data model and database you have already created in the company’s existing Dynamics 365 solution. The Power Hub is a value-adding option that can contribute to the enrichment of data.

Microsoft Power Hub is a strategic boost delivering new opportunities to process data and draw data-based conclusions.

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