NORLYS: One common system for document management connects the present and the future

Norlys is Denmark's largest energy and telecommunications group, with about 1.7 million customer relationships and 3,500 employees. Norlys owns Stofa and Netselskabet N1 and is headquartered in Silkeborg.

Delegate has developed a common solution for document management, "NorShare", based on SharePoint and tailored to Norlys' organization and needs. The solution is a platform for the entire Norlys, which effectively organizes and collects data and documents in one place across the company.

Norlys is a fusion of several companies, each with its document management system. The systems need to communicate; some are older, others need more adaptability, and employees experience challenges accessing necessary documents and data to carry out basic tasks. Norlys, therefore, wants a single, future-proof system for document management.

In close collaboration with Norlys, Delegate has developed a tailor-made and future-proof solution for document management in SharePoint, creating many synergies across the company. The solution is named "NorShare".

Delegate and Norlys have, through strategic meetings and workshops, formulated the vision for the new solution. The result was a solution that:

- Can replace old, outdated systems, which can thus be shut down: NorShare is expected to reduce the number of systems by 30 percent, contributing to license savings.

– Focus on the needs of the users: NorShare provides an overview and supports the execution of tasks by quickly finding what you are looking for.

– Is user-friendly and recognizable: NorShare is accessible, user-friendly, and recognizable. A common visual Norlys identity is used.

– Supports the digital workplace: NorShare supports collaboration across Norlys with better knowledge sharing and process efficiency.

– Is flexible and can evolve as Norlys evolves: NorShare can adapt to changes in organization and structures and adopt new technical opportunities.

– Creates coherence with other IT systems: NorShare is easy to access with seamless integration with systems such as Microsoft Teams and others.

– Complies with legislation and functional separation requirements: NorShare supports functional separation with rights management of documents and ensures GDPR and data protection.

In developing the solution, creating a high degree of user-friendliness and involving end-users during the process was crucial. Norlys has been involved in the project at several levels to ensure this.

A project manager and a Product Owner from Norlys have been a steady link between the energy and telecommunications group and Delegate's team during the development and implementation of the new solution. Norlys has also established a Digital Workplace department, which has helped migrate data into the new system and shut down old systems, and which will manage the new solution in the future.

"By implementing NorShare, we could shut down the old legacy systems. Our commonplace now is SharePoint Online which gives us some new, smart possibilities; for example, we can connect it with the Power Platform, where we previously had older document management systems that were difficult to integrate. NorShare undoubtedly provides some extra advantages and opportunities for automation and other interesting features." – Anne Woldbye, System Administrator at Norlys.

With a new, shared system for document management based on SharePoint, Norlys' data and documents are now gathered in one place, and with fewer systems, workflows have been simplified, and time has been released for other tasks.

The project has dealt with the technical part of IT. Still, it has largely also been about change management and working and collaborating in new ways, as it can be a shift for some employees to rethink familiar work processes.

During the process, Delegate has therefore held workshops in change management. At the same time, Norlys itself has been responsible for the execution internally and determined how employees should work with the new solution and how to do it most effectively.

"The new, common document management system encompasses the entire Norlys and at the same time gives free hands to build the universe exactly as we in the individual department want it. It's a huge plus after we, for several years, have navigated several different document management systems across the organization. For Facility Management, it has been a long "building process," and it certainly requires continued adjustment and new thinking among colleagues, but it's all worth it. We are already seeing several gains, including a common structure and access to documents across our departments throughout the country and towards our colleagues in Norlys; the solution also increases knowledge sharing and streamlines processes." – Susanne Theils, Senior Facility Administrator at Norlys.

"We succeeded in implementing a complex document management system via an agile MVP delivery model with a focus on continuous value creation in the form of frequent releases. We aimed to deliver exactly what covers the users' needs in small bites because it provides the greatest utility in Norlys. This also meant that employees have had to get used to small improvements and new opportunities, which contribute to making our everyday life easier. The delivery model contributed to the fact that we could relatively quickly get a product out and live, and made it possible to correct the project along the way, gather learning and get feedback."

Simon Lynge Svensson, Senior Project Manager at Norlys

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