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Distribution of Job Roles within the Azure DevOps Community
Leadership and Strategy: |||||||||||| Architect: ||||||||||||||||||||||| Senior Developer: |||||||||||||||| Developer: |||||||||||||||||||||||| DevOps: ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| Consultant: |||||||||||| Project Management: |||||||||| Technical Specialist: ||||||||||


Company – 7000 DKK

(Up to 5 members)

Individual – 3500 DKK

(One member)

Why join us?

Being a part of our community offers more than just membership – it's an opportunity to be at the forefront of Azure DevOps.

Members gain insights from industry professionals, stay updated with evolving trends, and actively participate in enriching discussions.

"Undoubtedly, this community contributes immensely to our understanding of technology, humanity, and culture." Member, DevOps Engineer

Annual Community Events

Dates are determined after each event to accommodate member availability. As a member, you'll receive exclusive invitations to all upcoming gatherings.


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