ISS: An Optimal Workplace Using IoT Data

ISS is one of the world's leading providers of facility services.

Delegate has, in close collaboration with Microsoft and ISS, created an IoT data platform that uses IoT technology to provide insight into factors that affect the comfort of the workplace, such as temperature, humidity, CO2, and noise levels, monitors the use and availability of rooms and collects information on waste to reduce the CO2 footprint. With a data-driven approach, ISS always ensures an optimal working environment in their buildings to benefit their customers and the environment.

ISS wants to improve customer satisfaction by creating a more optimal working environment in its buildings through a data-driven approach.

IoT is the term for the technology that makes ordinary physical devices and products digital by connecting them to the internet. Delegate has delivered a scalable data platform to ISS that connects different data sources into a unified overview.

With the help of Delegate and Microsoft, ISS has successfully implemented an IoT Data Platform, where the four main features are:

Comfort Predictability Foundation:
The solution provides insight into comfort conditions in ISS buildings using IoT sensors that record temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide levels, and noise levels in (near) real-time in each room.

The solution provides an overview of room availability so you can see, for example, whether a booked room is occupied or empty. With the new solution, ISS can also get a historical overview of room availability and calculate average usage.

Workplace Experience:
The solution examines end-user activity and finds business patterns, providing insights that can help create even better service capabilities.

Waste Online:
The IoT solution provides ISS with information about waste consumption to share with customers to reduce their carbon footprint.

In addition, ISS' new IoT Data platform is also ready to support future use cases, with the next one already in place:

- Better service features: Insights into business patterns to provide better service features: meeting rooms, office spaces, and relaxation rooms.

With the help of Delegate and Microsoft, ISS can optimize and streamline its workplaces through IoT technology. With a new IoT Data platform, ISS can monitor room availability and building waste and gain insight into conditions that affect workplace comfort, such as temperature, humidity, CO2, and noise levels.
"The new technology and platform provide both our customers and ISS insight into the comfort and experience of a workplace. We gain insight and transparency on waste, which is one of the most important topics for both our customers and ourselves from an environmental perspective. And these insights are really important because ISS can start advising in this area as we gain more and more insight into what is happening in our facility."

– Nada Elboayadi, Head of Global Big Data at ISS

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