Partner Pledge: Responsible and Ethical AI

As a dedicated member of the European AI Alliance, Delegate has actively participated as an official stakeholder in the development of the Assessment List for Trustworthy AI. This early initiative paved the way for the forthcoming AI Act from the EU, further underlining Delegate's commitment to ensuring the trustworthy use of AI technologies.

Delegate's contribution to ethical AI use extends beyond policy. We have collaborated with The Danish Business Authority to develop a comprehensive toolbox for data ethics, aimed at machine learning engineers, aiding them in improving key areas like explainability, transparency, bias detection, and privacy preservation in their AI models.

Our philosophy champions the responsible use of AI, including improving transparency and explainability. Delegate’s AI experts, who have years of experience in AI projects, are cautious about resorting to "black box" AI models without first exploring models that offer better explainability and transparency.

Delegate also takes a proactive stance on bias, treating it as a crucial factor at every stage of data processing, from data selection to feature engineering. Our vigilance ensures a level of fairness in the AI models that's often overlooked in the industry. We also take great care to ensure the personal data we handle complies with GDPR regulations, emphasizing the importance of privacy in our operations and AI applications.

Understanding the immense potential of Generative AI, Delegate has embraced it as a key part of its operations. However, it is important to stress that Delegate's integration of this transformative technology is driven by a deeply responsible approach, one that hinges on deep knowledge and hands-on experience.

With tools such as ChatGPT Plus, we ensure that we not only understand the power and potential of generative AI but also its ethical implications. The practical training on ChatGPT and Generative AI provided to all our employees is a testament to our belief in responsible AI usage and its commitment to leading by example. It's not just about having access to sophisticated tools; it's about understanding how to harness these tools ethically and effectively.

Ultimately, Delegate's approach to Generative AI reflects our broader commitment to responsible AI. It is not enough for us to talk about ethical AI; we demonstrate it in our daily operations. Our hands-on use of tools like ChatGPT Plus ensures that we are at the forefront of ethical AI adoption, both for our own benefit and for the benefit of our clients. In this way, Delegate doesn’t just profess commitment to responsible AI – it embodies it in its practices.