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Curiosity - or the fear of being left behind - has caused many companies to jump on the AI train without a real roadmap. We'll help you get on the right track..

Webinar 6 - AI IDEATION
The entire webinar is now available online
How to be strategic with your AI projects

Get started with AI

Our top 5 tips
Take ownership of AI and do it now

AI is coming whether you like it or not. If management doesn't support and take ownership of the technology, employees will do it themselves without secure guidelines for use.

Learn to master the low-hanging fruit first
AI is currently being integrated into several products that many companies already use. These new add-on features are typically a quick win as employees already master tools, such as Microsoft Viva Sales, to automate sales processes.
Prioritize training

Give employees a basic understanding of how AI relates to the data they accumulate and use in their daily work and provide training on technologies that impact their domain and work processes - including technologies like ChatGPT and other forms of Generative AI.

Invest in your data
Data can only provide value if you have a strategy for what data you collect and what it will be used for. Many AI business applications require that your data is collected to be used to train AI models. Therefore, knowing which AI applications you are targeting is often beneficial before collecting data.
Make AI part of your business

Your domain experts are not in your IT department but out in the business. These people create a lot of historical data that can be of great value when you start using AI to generate new and innovative insights and solutions.

ChatGPT and Generativ AI

Business leaders must understand what lies behind new AI technology, its long-term implications, ethical aspects, disruptive potential, etc. In Delegate, we offer a masterclass in ChatGPT and Generative AI, where you and a handful of your selected managers get an interactive session that gives you valuable insights into just this.

Our masterclass is facilitated by Chief AI Officer Erik David JohnsonErik David Johnson has a proven track record of implementing AI solutions in production and use today. He has studied language, philosophy, ethics, and AI programming.

Erik David Johnson is recognized for his ability to make knowledge about AI accessible and exciting, and in this masterclass, he will touch upon, among other things:

  • Deep Learning, Generative AI, and other central AI-topics
  • How does ChatGPT, Copilot etc. work behind the scenes?
  • What are the best ways to use it, and with what risks?
  • What will the near and far future bring in this area?
Erik David Johnson
Chief AI Officer & MVP in Azure OpenAI Services

With a remarkable ability to engage and enlighten, Erik delivers an insightful talk on artificial intelligence (AI). He explains the fundamental aspects of AI in an easy-to-understand way, enriching his presentation with personal anecdotes and keen observations about AI's past, present, and future. I highly recommend his Masterclass to anyone who wants to immerse themselves in AI.

– Bjarke Grønberg, Enterprise Architect, Sparekassen Kronjylland
What can you expect?
AI Workshop
Session 1
Understanding AI methods and concepts

Purpose: Creating the understanding of AI necessary for defining AI use cases for the participant’s organization

Session 2
AI use case definition
Purpose: Create a series of prioritized AI use cases for your organization that have been validated by AI experts from Delegate.
Session 3
Define AI architecture
Purpose: Define input data and desired output and choose the corresponding AI approach for the selected AI use case(s).
Session 4
Define AI solution architecture and PoC
Purpose: Defining the architecture surrounding the AI model for the chosen use case and defining one (or more) PoC(s).

Swiftly transition from an idea to a

PoC proposal

Delegate's AI ideation process is an AI ideation process that brings the organization from business ideas to a clearly defined AI use case, complete solution architecture, and a proposed PoC within three days.

Identification of the most relevant AI use cases, along with the definition of KPIs (goals / value) for the selected use case. Typically within the business areas:

  • Sales and Marketing
  • Administration and case handling
  • Service
  • Economy


Description of the business process in which the first AI use case must be integrated, along with the identification of the involved stakeholders or users.

Delegates AI ideation process:

Create AI understanding
To truly understand the potential of AI within your organization and support the AI ideation process fundamental AI knowledge must be achieved.
Define AI use cases
Define how AI is utilized within your organization and investigate what is feasible to archive and what isn’t. Estimating the business value and prioritizing between the AI use cases.
Define AI architecture
Define input data, desired output and choose the corresponding AI model for the chosen AI use case(s).
Define AI solution architecture and PoC
Defining the architecture surrounding the AI model for the chosen use case and defining the one or more PoC based on.
Building PoC(s)​
Build the PoC defined within the previous step to validate the AI solution design.​
Re-building PoC to production-grade MVP

Once the PoC(s) have been built, the core components of the PoC are re-build into a fully production-grade MVP that is deployed​.

AI webinar

Webinar 6 - AI IDEATION
Watch the webinar here
How to be strategic with your AI projects
William Parker
Senior Consultant, Delegate

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Erik David Johnson
Chief AI Officer & MVP in Azure OpenAI Services


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