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The solution can automatically auto-generate an overview of what you need to know when opening a "screen" in D365.

OpenAI integration with Dynamics

Imagine talking to a customer and trying to get a quick overview of the timeline or engagement there. Indeed, it can take a little while to get the right information. Infusing Dynamics with OpenAI not only brings our customers intelligent search but also a resume of data anywhere in the solution. The solution can automatically auto-generate an overview of what you need to know when opening a "screen" in D365.

Delegate's plug-in is sold as a subscription, and the standard feature on one screen view can be configured in under a week. If you are in doubt, we offer a one-month free trial of the solution, and you only pay for the installation plus the OpenAI cost.

The solution comes with an input field and response area that can be placed anywhere on D365 screen:

Delegate's plugin

• Works on both standard and custom tables where there is a Timeline

• It can be set up to automatically respond to the most pressing questions when a customer is open, such as "Summary of the latest activities and suggest next action." This is also called auto prompting.

• It can be set up to answer different questions depending on the screen/ form or place in the displayed solution.

• Complies with users' rights to the system. Therefore, it cannot provide answers containing information the user cannot access.

• It is possible to ask follow-up questions regarding the information the model has received regardless of whether a standard question is set up or simply used as a chat function.

• It supports different GPT model versions, allowing you to adjust prices, speeds, and accuracy.


Delegate's OpenAI integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 enhances efficiency by automating routine tasks, enabling more intelligent decision-making, and improving customer interactions with advanced natural language processing. It streamlines operations through personalized end-user experiences and boosts productivity with AI. This synergy ensures a more responsive, data-driven, and customer-centric approach quickly!

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