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At Delegate, we take a comprehensive approach to data analysis tailored to your organization and engage employees across the business. We offer custom-made self-service business intelligence solutions, including data governance, user training, establishing a Power BI Centre of Excellence, and managing change and user adoption. Our approach benefited novice and experienced Power BI users who seek consistency and process discipline to maximize the value of their data.

Delegate also offers customized Power BI reports that fully use your data resources and flexible AI solutions that can be adapted to different usage scenarios. Whether automating routine tasks, delivering personalized recommendations, or improving customer engagement, we provide measurable results that significantly impact your business.

What problem do we solve?

We specialize in handling vast amounts of unstructured data and turning that data into actionable insights. We implement successful analytics initiatives, drive data-driven decisions in your organization, and are experts in introducing AI into your business operations.


Working closely with Delegate, your organization can use data analytics to achieve improved data governance, user training, and increased user adoption. We enable your organization to leverage data in innovative ways that support and transform your business processes and help you simplify data access for end users.

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